Student Area Training for professional qualifications and non-examination courses in Financial Markets, Investment Advice, Securities, Derivatives, Private and Retail Banking using interactive accelerated learning methodology.
Professional training in finance and investment using accelerated learning methodology.

What we teach

Our Methodology

Accelerated learning methodology

We believe that all trainings should be based on the principles of adult learning; there will be collaboration, social interaction with the teacher and other students, images, memory techniques, mind maps, and each 1 hour training session will be broken down into several mini-learning events of about 10 minutes each. It is our aim to ensure that there will be a pleasant low-threat environment to facilitate optimal learning for the delegates.

Think of a financial training course you have been on in the past, most probably, the trainer lectured the course content to you and occasionally asked you to do an exercise, you got a break after an hour and half of lecturing. PowerPoint was almost exclusively used as the method of teaching and you were bored very quickly from the start of course. You will probably agree that at the end of the training you remembered very little of what was taught and had to go away and learn the course material at home.

This is not how we teach at Accelerate Financial Training. The learner is always involved, there is a huge amount of interaction, we use many unusual memory techniques to increase the learning and retention of information by our delegates.

Accelerated learning is particularly suited to apprenticeship teaching as apprentices will often have little or no prior work experience to bring to training.

We believe that you should experience a sense of progression and excitement as you learn. Learning should be fun and you should always want more. This is what we promise to give the students who study with Accelerate Financial Training.


Our People

Stephen Picksley

Stephen Picksley has 30 years of experience in financial services. He graduated with a first-class honours degree in Banking and Finance from Loughborough University and has won prizes from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and the Chartered Institute of Bankers as the highest scoring candidate in their national examinations.

Stephen has worked in both retail and private banking and specialised in financial planning for high-net worth individuals.

Since 1999 he has trained thousands of people in financial services and his students have ranged from apprentices at the beginning of their careers to senior executives of investment banks.

Stephen is very experienced teaching financial courses to apprentices and the particular issues that this involves. His apprenticeship teaching takes into account the fact that apprentices will have little or no prior work experience in financial services and are particularly keen to engage in interactive learning.

He was trained in accelerated learning by Ed Jones (Florida) and Harry Cotton (Toronto) at the start of his career and, as a result, Stephen’s training methodology is both highly effective and unconventional. He believes that student participation is essential for effective learning and his teaching philosophy is based around the mantra ‘telling isn’t training’.

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